IFCN Dairy Outlook

Combining the best available knowledge and providing you with insights of what is driving the dairy world.

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IFCN Outlook Service

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Markets: selection out of 65 countries and 10 world regions

Variables: farm gate milk and feed prices, margin over compound feed costs, milk production, commodity quotation prices (SMP & butter) for 3 major dairy markets (EU, US, NZ)

Timeframe: Jan 2006 – current month + 6-12 months forecast

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Insights and stories behind the developments

Excel data sheet with raw data of all variables.

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Delivery on a monthly basis

Additional service options: Outlook workshops and trainings


  • Single country or region: 1200 EUR
  • 6-10 countries: 1000 EUR per region
  • More than 10 countries: 950 EUR per region

Your benefits from IFCN Outlook Service

Why IFCN believes this outlook serves you better than any other on the market today

  • 20+ years of experience in dairy economic research. IFCN is the world's subject matter expert in dairy data & analysis.
  • Knowledge of the crowd: capitalizing on the monthly updated insights from IFCN researchers in over 100 countries.
  • Complementary perspectives: data driven (hedgehog) and critical thinking (fox) based.
  • Holistic cycle: optimizing interdependent outlooks for milk prices, farm margins, milk volumes, dairy commodity prices.
  • Global picture with unified approach for individual countries, based on accepted data standardization.
  • Independent & un biased research. No hidden agendas.
  • Economy of scale due to monthly global data and insights collection.
  • Measure and report the accuracy as indicator of the uncertainty for future outlooks.

Forecast accuracy* of the farm-gate milk price in %

*calculated based on the absolute discrepancy of the predicted farm-gate milk price in any given month vs the actual reported farm-gate milk price.

How do our customers use the product?

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Milk processors

to guide and re-fine their product pricing strategies based on accurate estimates of the raw milk pool and farm-gate milk price.

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Barn equipment and farm machinery manufacturers

as a source for forecasting their own sales by correlating the ratio of milk:feed prices or margins with their own sales numbers.

Milk Processing Trading Retailing Farm Input Others (e.g. banking, policy)
Guidance for product pricing strategies
Definition of purchasing tactics
Planning of capacity in plants
Definition of marketing strategies
Forecasting of own sales numbers
Understanding market developments and identifying trade developments
Financial risk analysis at the farm level
Opportunity or risk profile of capital (goods) markets
Exploration of potential new markets - identify potential market size
Deciding on investments in new markets (plants, farms, etc.)
In today’s rapidly changing world, what is considered normal today may not be true in the future – the better the forecasts, the more successful your business planning.

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