Membership benefits

  • Get information about the global holistic picture of the dairy world for better strategic decisions.
  • Access to globally comparable and validated dairy data that save data mining costs.
  • Access to key people and companies driving the dairy sector forward - to gain synergies.


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IFCN helps its partner companies to improve their market intelligence and to make better decisions". Contact us and we will be shortly in touch!

Membership deliveries

  • IFCN Dairy Report: 5 hard copies + digital copy as PDF
  • IFCN database: key variables based on the country profiles in the IFCN Dairy Report (XLSX and CSV)
  • IFCN Supporter Conference: One complimentary seat
  • E-mail hotline: Remarks and first suggestions for urgent questions
  • IFCN Newsletter: Be updated monthly with the IFCN insights (video format)
  • IFCN Publications: Information and access to all IFCN publications
  • IFCN World Milk Price Outlook Webinar: Keep an overview of the most important dairy market developments
  • Logo positioning: In the Dairy Report, the World Dairy Map and in digital materials
  • All deliveries are accessible through the IFCN Partner Portal

What's inside the IFCN Partnership Packages?

Check the detailed description of your deliveries

IFCN Dairy Report

The IFCN Dairy Report is available to our partners in digital format! Sharing IFCN knowledge internally is now much easier!

5 hard copies + digital copy (.pdf) of the Dairy Report

The report provides a global overview of macroeconomic and farm level developments. It contains more than 122 country profiles with comparable dairy data that can serve as good basis for discussions and strategic decisions.

Main benefits:

  • Gain insight into global dairy farm and market knowledge
  • Improve your market strategy based on numbers with historical time series
  • Define your company's competitive advantages in a specific region with typical farms
Dairy Report Hard Copy

IFCN Database

Key variables based on the country profiles in the IFCN Dairy Report (XLSX and CSV)

The key data and variables displayed on the IFCN Dairy Report Country Pages are now available in the XLSX and CSV database format for your own analysis, reporting and presentations.

Preview of the German country profile page here for free

IFCN Database excerpt

IFCN Supporter Conference: One complimentary seat

This international dairy conference brings together representatives from a variety of companies at different stages in the dairy supply chain.

Main benefits:

  • Interaction & networking with other colleagues from the dairy industry
  • Exchange of ideas on current industry topics with experts
  • Expand your expertise with resources put together by experts
IFCN Conference

Read the executive summary of the last IFCN Supporter Conference

IFCN World Milk Price Outlook Webinars

This webinar series is representative of our mission to help people in the dairy world make better decisions. It was originally created to help our supporter partners during the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic with information particularly regarding the volatility and uncertainties - in the dairy market.

Main benefits:

  • Keep track of the most important market developments
  • Better navigation through the milk price situation in COVID-19 times
  • Get answers to your questions during the Webinar

More than 130 dairy related companies use the data and knowledge as exclusive members of the IFCN network for their strategic planning.

Dairy Report Hard Copy


Become a member of a global dairy network of researchers and companies.

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