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About us

IFCN started in 2000 as the International Farm Comparison Network uniting research partners via the in-depth analysis of the typical dairy farming systems around the world.

The network relies on the main pillars of the IFCN Research Partners, IFCN Supporting Partners and the IFCN Dairy Research Center managing the network, data and knowledge from Kiel, Germany.

What we are doing?

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Dairy Data

  • Dairy sector analysis National and global analysis of milk production, consumption, trade and the related drivers.
  • Milk price analysis Global dairy commodity prices, local farm gate milk prices and price transmission schemes.
  • Dairy chain analysis Analysing the dairy value chain from the farmer through the consumer with a key focus is on the margins in the chain.
  • Dairy policy analysis As policy is one of the key drivers in the dairy sector the IFCN has a set of tools to quantify the impacts of different policies.
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Farm Analysis

  • Farm comparison Analysis of the cost of milk production: worldwide comparison of micro-economic results such as cost of milk production, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms and the drivers behind them.
  • Sustainability of milk production Tools to evaluate the sustainability of dairy farming systems, which also covers social and environmental indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions by different farm types.
  • Dairy farm structure analysis Monitoring dairy farm numbers and farm size developments.
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Dairy Outlook

  • Dairy forecast until 2050 Long- and short-term dairy outlook for the world and around 200 countries individually.
  • Dairy region development The IFCN has experience to support regional dairy development and the identification of future strategies.

Our Values

  1. Trust and confidence are the keys for an operating network and sharing information
  2. Independence from any third party and political neutrality are key
  3. Trust and transparency We describe realities and provide advices without hidden agendas
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For further information about the IFCN products or IFCN Dairy Research Network, please contact us using the contact data provided below:

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