IFCN Dairy Report

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A comprehensive overview of the complex dairy world in a 224-page book based on IFCN research.

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The latest version of the IFCN Dairy Report contains

  • 123Country profiles
  • 52Countries in farm analysis
  • 24Year time series

What's inside the new IFCN Dairy Report?

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Dairy Report

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  • IFCN Dairy Report 2014 - PDF version
  • IFCN World Dairy Map
  • Invitation to free IFCN webinars

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Dairy Report

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  • IFCN Dairy Report 2017 - hard copy
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  • IFCN World Dairy Map
  • Invitation to free IFCN webinars

Dairy Report

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  • IFCN Dairy Report 2020 - hard copy
  • IFCN World Dairy Map
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  • Reduce your costs for data mining and analysis
  • Data for strategic planning and operational management
  • Datasets in various formats
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Feature Starter Bundle Value Partnership 2021
IFCN Dairy Report - hard copy 2014 PDF 2016 + 2017 2020 5x 2020 + PDF
Free IFCN webinars Free IFCN webinars Free IFCN webinars Free IFCN webinars Free IFCN webinars
IFCN World Dairy Map IFCN World Dairy Map IFCN World Dairy Map IFCN World Dairy Map IFCN World Dairy Map
One seat at the IFCN Supporter Conference in 2021
Global Dairy Think Tank - be part of the annual IFCN Supporter Conference with more than 130 companies.
One seat on IFCN Supporter Conference
Country Page data in various formats (CSV, XLSX)
Get Country Pages data from the Chapter 3 of the IFCN Dairy Report.
Country pages data in various formats (.csv .xlsx)

IFCN Dairy Report

Hard copy of the selected report

The complex global dairy world with national and regional data in one book.

Micro picture: Farm economics and sustainability analysis

Macro picture: 120+ country profile analyses and world maps

Release: Every year in October

Dairy Report Hard Copy

IFCN World Dairy Map

The latest version of the World Dairy Map in digital format

Vivid illustration of key dairy trends and data.

  • World milk price & price transmission
  • Growth of milk production
  • Dairy farms numbers, structure and costs
  • World milk production and milk deliveries
  • Top 20 milk processors
  • Information about the IFCN Network
IFCN World Dairy Map

Free IFCN Webinars

Dairy Market Intelligence in Challenging Times

Exclusive insights in a 45 minute webinar.

  • Check the status of the IFCN World milk price indicator
  • Find out about current trends
  • Send us your questions and we will answer them live
  • Stay informed of upcoming IFCN events
  • Get the slides after the event

IFCN Supporter Conference

The largest Dairy Conference in the World

This international dairy conference brings together representatives from a large number of companies from different areas of the milk supply chain.

This year IFCN held its annual conference online: For the first time in IFCN history, more than 400 participants from the entire dairy supply chain gathered to discuss the status of the dairy world. IFCN data experts looked at various scenarios and, together with dairy leaders from across the globe, analyzed what the world will look like after the COVID-19 crisis.

IFCN supporter conference

Read the summary of the IFCN Supporter Conference 2020 here

Learn more about the Dairy Report

IFCN Dairy Report

The IFCN Dairy Report has been published for more than 20 years and has since become a standard publication for scientists and companies in the dairy sector. The report provides a global overview of macroeconomic and farm level developments. In addition, it contains more than 120 country profiles that can serve as good basis for discussions and strategic decisions - for companies, institutions and researchers.

IFCN Dairy Report

What will you find in this book?

The IFCN Dairy Report gives you an overview of 20 years of global dairy developments.

Chapter 1

Cost comparison of the typical farms

Summarises results on costs, returns, profitability and productivity of dairy farms worldwide. Real time cost estimates for 2020 have also been included for some countries.

  • Milk supply curves
  • Cost of milk production on average- and larger-sized farms
  • Farm level time series analysis - Cost of milk production only
  • Total costs and returns of the dairy enterprise
  • Returns: Milk price, non-milk returns and decoupled payments
  • Dairy enterprise: Profits, return to labour and asset structure
  • Cost component on feed, labour, land, animal health
  • Sustainability and resilience of typical farms
  • Resilience of selected farms in competitive dairy regions
  • The largest dairy farming companies worldwide

Chapter 2

Global monitoring of dairy economic indicators

Provides a comprehensive overview of certain topics such as milk prices, feed prices, milk: feed price ratio and monthly milk price transmissions.

  • IFCN World milk price indicator – different phases and current developments
  • Global trends in oil, milk and feed prices
  • National milk and feed prices
  • Monitoring milk prices
  • Monthly milk price transmission and farm economics
  • IFCN Long-term Dairy Outlook

Chapter 3

Milk Production fact sheets

Dairy sector and chain profiles

Prepared for over 120 countries, representing 98 % of the world milk production, with comparable information on:

  • Milk supply and demand developments
  • Monthly farm gate and world milk price
  • Consumer prices and margins in the chain
  • Milk processing profile per dairy product
  • Major milk processors per country
  • Dairy sector developments
  • Status and development of milk production
  • Importance of dairy processing
  • Milk consumption
  • World dairy trade
  • Status of milk surplus, deficit and self-sufficiency
  • World population
  • Method explanation of the Country Page
  • Dairy sector and chain profiles for over 120 countires

Preview of the German country profile page here for free

Chapter 4

IFCN Methods

This chapter is dedicated to explain the methods used for the IFCN analyses. Moreover, it describes elevator stories to understand more clearly what a typical farm represents in a country.

  • The TIPICAL® model and its capabilities
  • Standardisation used by IFCN
  • Typical farm approach
  • Details on farm economic analysis
  • Elevator stories of typical farms
  • Description of the typical dairy farms analysed
  • Exchange rates

Key benefits for you

The IFCN Dairy Report helps people in the dairy world to make better decisions.

Researchers and advisors

Researchers from over 90 countries use the Dairy Report on a daily basis as a tool for their research, teaching and farm advisory work.

  • Data for your dairy analysis on country or regional level
  • Knowledge on dairy markets, methods, models and Outlook
  • Benchmark your country with other countries with comparable dairy data
  • Special studies
IFCN Dairy Report for researchers and advisors


The Dairy Report gives you a voice to reach other players in the dairy world.

  • Updated global milk and feed price trends
  • Dairy farm numbers and farm sizes
  • Dairy farm structure and its development
  • Knowledge on dairy farming systems
IFCN Dairy Report for farmers

Companies & Business

More than 140 dairy related companies use the data and knowledge from the IFCN Dairy Report for their strategic planning.

  • Milk supply and demand developments
  • Milk prices in relation to the world market
  • Consumer prices and margins in the chain
  • Annual monitoring of farm competiveness
IFCN Dairy Report for companies and business

Institutions and students

Data in the IFCN Dairy Report is:

  • Comparable
  • Consistent
  • Up-to-date with long history
  • Global coverage
  • Common standards
  • Unbiased
  • Officially sourced
  • Validated expert estimations
  • Ready to use files
  • Outlook updates
IFCN Dairy Report for institutions and students

The IFCN Dairy Report helps people in the dairy world to make better decisions

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John Smith

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Which version of IFCN Dairy Report I can buy?


Which version of IFCN Dairy Report I can buy?


Which version of IFCN Dairy Report I can buy?


Get your personal copy NOW!

Make better decisions based on analysis with comparable, global and real-time data


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