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Digital Dairy:

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How to design the future dairy world?

19th IFCN Supporter Conference 2021

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Digitalization in dairy


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Panel discussion & Workshop


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IFCN Supporter Conference 2021

107 EUR

Your benefits:

  • Access to the recorded video (3h session)
  • Presentation from the conference in PDF format
  • Free ticket to the upcoming event: IFCN Forum 2021 in November
    Event topic: Greenhouse gas emissions from dairy and solutions for emerging dairy countries
  • Included for you: IFCN Dairy Report 2014 in PDF format!

How to design the future of dairy?

The aim of this conference day is to explore how digitalization can solve the most important challenges the dairy industry is facing today.

Key challenges of the dairy sector today:

  • Icon describing cow milking Low profit margins for farmers & processors
  • Icon describing dairy industry Eroding image of milk & lack of consumer trust
  • Icon describing trust in dairy chain Complexity in the dairy chain and lack of connectivity

Digitalization offers a wide range of opportunities for individual companies and new opportunities for interaction throughout the dairy supply chain. Together we will explore these possibilities to shape the dairy world of the future.

Why should you participate?

  • Dairy is an industry that continues to face an onslaught of challenges. Participants will hear from thought leaders creating new and compelling ways forward.
  • Dairy isn't the only industry grappling with a rapidly changing future, learn how other industries responded and succeeded in paving a new path.
  • Lastly, where do you start in this rapidly changing digital landscape? Connect with counterparts in the industry and leaders to workshop the priorities you should start with to design the future dairy world.

Event Program

Digital Dairy: How to design the future dairy world? The conference took place on 15th of September 2021

  • Welcome & Summary of Day 1

  • Defining the challenges faced by the dairy sector today

    • IFCN
  • Inspiration session I: What can dairy learn from other industries?

    • Ryan Morris Turntide
  • Inspiration session II: Vyla – a vision on transformation of dairy by data & technology

    • Tim Taylor Vyla
  • Panel on how to design a winning dairy sector

    • VYLA
    • MADCAP
    • Cargill
  • Workshop: Setting right priorities to win the future

  • Summary and closing

Keynote Speakers

Image of Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris

is an entrepreneur and investor. He served five terms with various public companies, including three as chairman.

Ryan Morris has been CEO and Chairman of Turntide Technologies since 2017. Turntide is developing a new motor technology that aims to help the planet by reducing power consumption by 25%.

Image of Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor

is the founder of several high growth manufacturing companies and an executive at cloud technology companies, including Valley Ag Software.

Tim is currently CEO of Vyla Inc., a start-up initiated by market leaders Nestlé, Land O Lakes and Lely with the mission to create a global technology platform focused on solving key challenges in the dairy ecosystem.


Digital Dairy - How to design the future dairy world?

SriRaj Kantamneni

SriRaj Kantamneni

Managing Director
Digital @ Cargill
Desley Haas

Desley Haas

General Manager
Yoav Levsky

Yoav Levsky

Chairman of the board

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Join us to help the dairy industry to create a better future
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Join us to help the dairy industry to create a better future.

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