The dairy industry today: High prices, low availability & global food shortages

How can new technologies help?

For the 20th time, the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) is bringing together all the key players in the global dairy value chain to discuss the important issues of high prices and low availability of milk in the context of forward-looking technologies. This year’s conference, titled “Technology for a successful dairy future”, will take place on 6 September in a hybrid format in Netanya, Israel.  

20th IFCN Supporter Conference | Netanya, Israel  |  4-6 September, 2022  |  Technology for a successful dairy future | Hybrid event
20th IFCN Supporter Conference | Netanya, Israel | 4-6 September, 2022 | Technology for a successful dairy future | Hybrid event

The new reality in the dairy industry – with global implications

Covid 19, the Ukraine war, inflation and high energy prices are developments that also affect the global dairy sector. At a time of low milk production growth on a global level, this poses a serious threat to the food security of the world’s growing population.

The IFCN long-term outlook to 2030 still predicts a balance of supply and demand for milk. However, while an increase in demand can be considered a certainty in spite of possible short-term effects of the current economic situation, supply could come under sustained pressure from the aforementioned factors and other megatrends such as the consolidation of farms. This can be seen, for instance, in the current record high milk prices, which, contrary to expectations, are not leading to a recovery in production growth.

It is therefore worthwhile to focus on the producing farmers. Not only are they confronted with price increases and lower margins, but they also have to implement new regulations, find access to capital, and adapt to climatic changes. In order to improve the profitability of farmers and thus guarantee their continued existence in the market, industry and politics must develop suitable solutions. Concepts must also be developed that include not only economic but also social and, in particular, ecological sustainability of the economy. There are already a number of providers who support farmers in farm management. This conference would like to explore the question how technology can be used in an even more targeted way to optimise global milk production, including for small farms and for farmers in typical net importing countries.

You can only improve what you can measure

To make the conference informative and interactive, IFCN has invited representatives from leading companies with exclusive industry insights, who will share their ideas on how to reduce complexity and how to find a sustainable path for the future.

New technologies will be discussed from different perspectives: In the context of animal health and cow behaviour as well as more transparency, changing consumer wishes and ultimately the profitability of the farms. What all topics have in common is that solutions must be made measurable in order to guarantee success. Therefore, horizontal integration and exchange in the sector will be of central importance. For example, the question is how data can be collected jointly and used collaboratively. What framework conditions must be created for this? And not only in the Western world, but globally.

These impulses will be rounded off with exciting guests in various panel discussions. Visitors attending the live conference in Israel will also have the opportunity to visit a trade fair and take part in networking activities. The event is supported by the companies Allflex / MSD, Nedap, Phibro Animal Health, Mileutis, Intellync, Lely and Chr. Hansen.

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IFCN Supporter Konferenz: Technology for a successful dairy future

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